Tom Hiddleston Takes a Trip to ‘Skull Island’ with Jordan Vought-Roberts


Progress on Legendary Pictures’ new version of King Kong, entitled Skull Island has been fairly quiet since it’s announcement at comic con. ‘Attack the Block’ writer director Joe Cornish was apparently courted, but those talks seemed to have devolved, as it has now been officially announced that Jordan Vought-Roberts, who headed up the fairly successful indie ‘The Kings of Summer  in 2013 will direct, and Tom Hiddleston, best known for his role as Loki in the Marvel Universe will star.

I’ve always been excited at the prospect of this project. Personally, I think that Peter Jackson’s 2005 version of King Kong could have been a whole lot better, and this, which seems to be a different take centering mostly on the creatures King Kong interacts with could definitely work. Roberts certainly is an interesting  choice to direct, and is certainly indicative of the direction that Universal and Legendary have been going in lately, hiring filmmakers known for smaller work, mainly  Gareth Evans (Monsters) and Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed) for Godzilla and Jurassic World respectively. It seems to have worked out well in both cases, and certainly must be exiting for Roberts.

This could also be a great vehicle for Hiddleston. While he has certainly evolved into a household name because of Loki, he seems to have had some trouble finding memorable roles outside of that. Perhaps he’ll play the Carl Denham esque role, arrogantly leading his counterparts into the hellish island. Personally, I was hoping that this film would have little to no human element, as the extraneous sequences needed to develop the film crew really bogged down the 2005 version (an hour on the boat, really?). However, with Hiddleston’s endless charm, he will definitely keep things watchable.  Hell, as long as Aaron Taylor Johnson isn’t the lead this time, I’m all good.


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