Sean Harris Might Be Our Mission Impossible 5 Villain


With Mission Impossible 5 now well into filming, it seems crazy that they hadn’t cast their primary antagonist yet. In fact, most information about ‘Jack Reacher’ director Christopher McQuarrie’s addition to the franchise has been kept pretty close to the chest. However, it seems as though that curtain might be starting to lift ever so slightly, as it seems that Sean Harris, previously seen in ‘Prometheus’,  and ‘The Borgias’ will be stepping into the role of the main baddie.

Initially, I was not thrilled with this pick. At first, all I recognized him from was ‘Prometheus’, in which he played a fairly generic, and pretty damn stupid character. However, I was very surpassed to learn that he was in fact the same actor who portrayed Santino, the primary antagonist in the heavily underrated ‘Deliver Us from Evil’. Harris was genuinely scary, and utterly believable in the role of a man who’s possession breaks down his entire body and mind, his turn being one of the better ‘infected by a demon’ ones I’ve seen in quite some time. Personally, I hope this character carries into a more sinister, grounded tone that MaQuarrie has certainly been proven capable of before.  He certainly has enough intensity to make this role work, and his relative unknown status may make him blend into the universe more. That may change soon though, as he’s becoming fairly prolific, with roles in the upcoming Bradley Cooper/Jennifer Lawrence period drama ‘Serena’, and the Michael Fassbender lead version of Macbeth on the horizon. We’ll see.

Mission Impossible 5 opens on December 25th 2015.


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