Margot Robbie Getting Into The Action Game With ‘Ghost In The Shell’


Margot Robbie’s rise to stardom has been nothing short of meteoric. Following her dynamic, and sexy turn in ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’, roles have seemly fallen out of thin air for the Australian actress. Following her upcoming gigs in Z For Zachariah, and Tarzan, Robbie will seemingly take the character of Motoko Kusanagi in Rupert Sanders’ (Snow White and the Huntsman) adaptation of the popular manga/anime Ghost in the Shell. In the film, Kusanagi (who’s name will inevitably be changed to something like Smith or Johnson for us white audiences) will be enlisted to track down a hacker called the Puppeteer, who has the ability to hack into brain implants that connect the citizens of this world into a mega network. Sounds pretty damn cool if you ask me.

Robbie’s casting is certainly an encouraging sign that this film is headed in the right direction. She’s certainly becoming well known, but she’s not a big name just yet, and that sense of mystery will aid her as she transforms into this bad-ass character. It’s certainly going to be interesting to watch her stretch out of her character in ‘Wolf’, and I’m sure she’ll do a fantastic job, as she already gave what could have been a purely shallow character a lot more dimension in that film. Beyond that, the story just sounds awesome, and very much within Sanders’ wheelhouse as a primarily stylistic director. In a time when female action stars seem to be all the rage, this seems like a very welcome addition that could take some pretty off the wall source material and make it accessible for a whole new audience. Let’s just hope that they can manage to market it better than Edge of Tomorrow.


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