Matthew McConaughey Circles ‘The Stand’ and ‘Gold’


At this point, it seems as though Matthew McConaughey can do no wrong. He has starred in a string of acclaimed roles, won an Oscar in February, will probably take home an Emmy tonight, and now has two more roles in the pipeline that just might be worthy follow ups to his lead role in a little movie called ‘Interstellar’. The first one is as Randall Flagg in Fault in Our Stars director Josh Boone’s adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand, and the second is as a prospector who stumbles across a massive gold mine, and the financial scandal therein in the aptly titled ‘Gold.’

Both of these roles would fit McConaughey like a glove, but the one that peaks my interest more is definitely The Stand. Although I’ve never read the book, this character just sounds fascinating. Flagg is, essentially, the manifestation of evil, a demon who takes control of the world after a disease has whipped out most of it. With his deep drawl, and deceptively charming personality, I think that McConaughey would absolutely own this role, transcending it beyond a simple villain, into someone who is truly scary. ‘Gold’ certainly does sound interesting though, and with such directors as Michael Mann and Paul Haggis all looking at the project at one time or another, I have no doubt that they will find a great filmmaker for it. At this point though, whatever Mcconaughey ends up deciding to do will doubtlessly be good, so let’s just leave it up to him.


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