Jennifer Lawrence Potentially Joining Tarantino’s Hateful Eight


We’ve seen her fight a oppressive capital, mental illness, and microwaves, but now she may be taking on her greatest challenge yet, a Quentin Tarantino character. While this has not been 100% set in stone, Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence is now in talks to join ‘The Hateful Eight’ a western written and directed by Tarantino that is rumored to also star Samuel L Jackson, Bruce Dern, Kurt Russell, Michael Madsen, Walton Goggins, and James Remar. The film has had a bit of trouble coming to fruition, with the original draft of the screenplay having been leaked online, but now seems to be on the fast track for imminent production.

The plot of the film will center on a group of wildcard renegades trapped on a perilous stagecoach journey through a snowstorm. While it’s currently unclear exactly which character Lawrence is up for, speculation points to her playing Daisy Domergue, described in the film’s teaser as ‘the prisoner’ of the group. This casting could be the film’s ace in the hole. Not only is Lawrence an endlessly watchable presence in any role she’s in, but she’s also able to effortlessly bend her ‘nice girl’ persona into roles that require a bit more of the old crazy fireworks. She would both fit Tarantino’s over the top sensibility like a glove, and potentially attract tons of audience members who would not be interested in this brutal western otherwise. It would essentially be the same effect that Leonardo DiCaprio produced with his off the wall, savage performance in Django Unchained.  I would be willing to bet that if she takes this role, that she could score two oscar nominations at the 2016 oscars, supporting actress for this, and Lead Actress for David O Russell’s next effort ‘Joy’.

The Hateful Eight opens in 2015, likely around December.

UPDATE: Lawrence’s reps have denied that she is taking the role, but this could very well be misdirection until the cast is officially announced.


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